Carry It On: It’s a Croc

It’s a sad, sad world when a girl can’t find a decent, durable, goes with everything, fits a laptop and a pair of shoes… beach bag or carry-on. Forget gaudy prints, leather, suede, big buckles, too much weight, and fabrics that ruin as soon as you step foot in monsoon rains off the coast of Singapore.

‘Cause that’s exactly what happened to me. I landed on a little island off the tip of Malaysia, searched the Takashimaya Mall for a memorable bag to bring home some booty with, knocked back a few Tu Tu Kueh (tiny cakes of flour stuffed with coconut and steamed to light sweet perfection), but I could not find the one thing I was actually looking for…

A well-made, well-priced, understated, yet clearly chic carry-on. So, before I headed back home to kiss my sweet Asia good-bye, I stumbled around Singapore’s impressive airport, had a shoulder massage to prepare for the 17 + hour trip home, and then ran smack dab into… the second love of my life…


With several new bags capable of fulfilling all of your travel needs, my two picks include the City Croc Tote (pictured here) perfect for the beach and The Lacoste Elegance Duffle (pictured above) perfect for carrying on.

The canvas duffle zips, fits a pair of shoes, a laptop, toiletries, some spare clothes AND it has a classic stripped pattern on the inside.

Croc a doodle do it.

Both at Macy’s
$475 / $140, respectively.

(now you really have no excuse for passing up a sexy weekend with that first love of your life)

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