Bali: Eco-Travel, Luxury, & Farming!

It begins in an exotic and remote location among rice fields along the sacred Ayung River in Bali. There are a series of tasks to complete and if done successfully, there will be a great reward. As you consider what you’ve gotten yourself into, the questions begin to swirl in your mind: When will I meet the other “players”? What kind of challenges will I have to overcome? And, am I going to get a makeover?!”

Not to worry; this is one reality program that doesn’t involve contests, eliminations or scripted outbursts. The Balinese farming experience provides guests of Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan with a chance to spend a day in the life of a local – without the camera crews.

It begins with a trek along jungle paths and terraces for a glimpse at Sayan’s farmers at work. After learning about the complex irrigation system used in the rice paddy fields, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch in and plant rice seeds – a crop vital to the lives of rural Balinese. A traditional breakfast and refreshments will be served along the way. And as a reward from a hard day’s work, you’ll partake in a river stone bathing ritual called batukali. Bathing in the river is both an old-age ritual and a social event for the Balinese as villagers gather to share songs, laughter, gossip and stories. The day’s adventure ends with a lunch of nasi campur (mixed rice) – typical of an everyday Balinese meal.

Want a glimpse into the real world of a Balinese farmer?
Then we say, “Visit the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan.” Thatched-roof villas with private plunge pools are nestled among 35 acres of landscaped tropical gardens, providing 147 unique panoramas of the idyllic sandy crescent below – Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Lotus ponds float above the treetops along Bali’s sacred Ayung River, as expansive enclaves rise from the mountain mist.

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