InterContinental Moorea: The Turtle Care Center

Tahiti Moorea Honeymoon Turtle Swimming Luxury HotelHere little Chordata…

Oh, we can’t say enough about how much we love the Marquesas. We also can’t say enough about turtles.  We’re wild about them. We don’t know what’s wrong with us, but… we’re a little obsessed.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones.  In February 2004, amid concerns for the green and hawkbill turtles that were found wounded or ill, the InterContinental Moorea actually did something about it.  Now, if it’s not enough to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world, on one of the most beautiful properties, the InterCon Moorea has created a turtle clinic to fit out part of its private lagoon!  We have to say… the water of Moorea is truly like nothing you’ve ever seen.  Light blues clearer than a swimming pool, bright greens and aquas, sting rays and turtles swimming side by side right in front of your face, the fresh seafood, the kind people, ah!  The champagne…

Among the glorious Tahitian island chains, Eco-Adventurers have voted: Bora Bora and Moorea, those are the favorites.

InterContinental Moorea Over Water BungalowWhen it comes to properties, the InterContinental is right up there (if not finer) than competing properties island/motu wide.  It’s the choice of seasoned diplomats, Hollywood celebs, wealthy Japanese couples, your regular run-of-the-mill high-end honeymooners, and you. If that doesn’t motivate you to start stacking your clams, maybe this might… the turtle center has already successfully released over thirteen turtles and rescued fifty more! Oh, and did we mention they also have a Dolphin Center?  The only dolphin center in the area?

Moorea DolphinquestHere they have created a huge natural home for four bottlenose dolphins brought from a similar facility in Hawaii or “retired” from the US Navy. Aware of its pedagogical role and educational mission, some of the proceeds will benefit Te Mana O Te Moana, a non-profit association focusing on the protection of the stunning Polynesian environment.

Prices from $345/per night and up

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