Eco-Beauty For the Travel Goddess

Natural Makeup - Travel Beauty

We love Lauren Hutton. That gap, those eyes. We hope that one day we’ll age as gracefully, but… since we’re not so sure, we’re extra happy that she’s developed a natural make-up line to help us out.

In the days of the “Mod” look (60’s heavy HEAVY makeup!), she quietly, cover by cover, snuck in the natural look, and kept it. When she returned to modeling at age 47, Lauren Hutton had created her own makeup in her kitchen.  Existing cosmetics contained strong pigment, heavy filler, mica and pearl for collagen plumped-water-filled youthful skin.  They made her look older and artificial, instead of natural.  Eight years ago, after a near-death motorcycle accident, she finally had the time to make it for all women and wanted it to be fast, easy, with the best ingredients and affordable for everyone.  The original color-coded face disc has sold close to 1 million units now.  The sensible evolution was to go to (100%!) all natural formulas.

With Naturals by Lauren Hutton, women don’t have to choose between anti-aging care and natural ingredients—the line utilizes potent natural formulas to turn back the clock developed to meet the rigorous standards of the Natural Products Association, providing naturally efficacious makeup products that leave skin looking just as good as—if not better than—synthetic alternatives.

If that’s not cool enough, she’s transformed her most popular Face Disc into an all natural circular palette featuring 11 make up must haves in an all in one kit for creating a natural, youthful balanced complexion.  The face disc formulas provide the following natural components for eco-adventurer’s around the globe: 95% + Natural Origin Ingredients and high concentrations of plant-based ingredients Hutton’s anti-aging cocktail of Grape Seed Oil, Green Tea, Vitamin A, E and C, Avocado Oil and Bamboo.  So, if you’re not necessarily born with her good looks, go ahead and buy them.

Retails for $70.o0


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