Cambodia: Sustainable Adventures

Cambodia Eco-Travel Children Wells“Guests are able to see Angkor Wat in the morning and change a life in the afternoon.  It doesn’t get much better than that,” says Andrea Ross, part-owner of Journey’s Within Our Community, a Cambodia-based non-profit, tour company, and B&B, that offers scholarships for university students, holds free English classes for children and adults, and provides micro-finance loans for small businesses.  What began as a dream to start a tour company and bed and breakfast in Cambodia with Brandon, her husband of seven years, has now become a way of life for herself and so many others.

Eco-Travel Cambodia Children WellInstead of hiring volunteer tourists to build wells, she uses monies raised to hire locals. With 180 wells and counting around Siem Reap, their non-profit has helped provide water for almost 4,000 Cambodians.

FYI – For only $300, you too, can pay to have a well built that will supply 20 people with water and then visit the families and community it benefits.

It doesn’t get much better than that, indeed.

Journeys Within B&B

Journeys Within Our Community


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