Eco-Brazil: Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Brazil Eco-Lodge Cristalino

How impressive is this?  In 1992, Victoria Da Riva Carvalho bought 1,730 acres of Brazilian rain forest and built a lodge in one of the most diverse regions in the world.


Because 550 different birds flock to the region and she wanted to protect her beloved homeland.  So, when loggers threatened to purchase a nearby old growth plot eight years later, she pulled the money together to buy it herself. Now, she’s created a 24,000 acre private reserve of primary forest that borders a state park.

Talk about a hero.

The Cristalino Jungle Lodge, together with other organizations such as Botanic Kew Gardens and Fauna and Flora International, now supports the Cristalino Foundation, which is a Non-Profit-Organization located in the municipality of Alta Floresta, Brazil.

The main projects are focused in the buffer zones of the Cristalino State Park and are dedicated to the promotion of environmental awareness and the sustainable use of Amazon’s natural resources.Brazil Eco-Lodge Cristalino

The main projects are:

This is a program with two main divisions – one destined to students from all over the world and the other to the local community. The latter is centered on teenagers from local schools and aim to increase their ecological awareness. This program received the Whitley Award in 2007 from the Whitley Awards Foundation, United Kingdom, as a recognition for its valuable work.

This project brings local children to spend a whole day learning about the rainforest and its importance to their daily lives.

This is a research project focused on studying the forests in the Cristalino Region, being the first large program gathering information on this issue. It has already identified more than 700 species – three of them were new to science.

This project was conceived by Silvio Marchinni and is destined to prevent the killing of jaguars, especially in the buffer zone of the Cristalino State Park.

This program uses the White-Whiskered-Spider-Monkey as an icon to raise ecological responsiveness with the children.

The lodge has a friendly restaurant with bar serving delicious regional dishes and appetizers including the famous Caipirinha. For special nights there is a thatch roof patio where candlelight dinners are served. A common living room is used for presentations and meetings, having a small but carefully selected library
Eco-Lodges Brazil Adventurefloating deck above the river is also great for swimming and resting on your free time. Canoes & inflatable boats are available at any moment. The lodge also keeps a rustic Screened Tree House in the forest which is used for spotting tapirs and peccaries.  For the adventurers like us, there’s even a station with a Rope Bridge and Rappelling!

Your arrival is made through the city of Alta Floresta, in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. There are daily flights and coach lines from Cuiaba – the state capital – to Alta Floresta, but the lodge is only accessible by boat. After arrival in Alta Floresta, there will be a 1 ½ hour transfer by car and a ½ hour boat ride, but once you get there… trust us… wildlife watching is top-notch. Burrowing owls and macaws are just a few gems along the way. The property functions with a generator so it can be noisy and this is the amazon… bring bug repellent, but otherwise, you’re set!


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