Carry It On: Frederic Fekkai Travel Fave

Fekkai Travel SetWhy is it still so hard to find high-quality carry-on shampoo and conditioner? We still haven’t figured out why every high-end brand isn’t catering to the freewheeling babe just yet. Lucky for us (and you), Frederic Fekkai is. Of course, that’s no surprise. Have you seen the man? He looks like he was born on a Lear Jet and bathed in champagne. We love him for it, but we love him even more for his:

Technician Color Care Collection

It includes: 2 Oz. Technician Color Care Shampoo, 2 Oz. Conditioner, 1.5 Oz. Color Glaze, 1.5 Oz. Sheer Hold Hairspray, Comb, and a chic Wristlet Travel Bag.

We won’t BS you.  Ordinarily, we only feature organic or high-quality all natural products (after all, this is, and Fekkai does use natural oils in his products (ie. olive oil in his luxe Glossing line), but these products aren’t organic or all natural. That said, if you have curly or unruly hair, they will make you look like a million bucks. So we say, “If he can get our crazy mop right, he can certainly develop an all organic line, right? Right!”

Let’s email him and demand one!

Retails $40.00


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