Personalized Eco-Biking Tours

Personalized Bicycling Tours EuropeImagine the open roads… lush vineyards and verdant mountain ranges just up ahead…

You there? Good. Us too. So get this… combining the love of bicycle touring with social networking, we came across Dream Tours, a personalized cycling experience that allows users to create profiles and design their very own Dream Tour – ie. the cycling route they’ve always wanted to do! Okay, we like this idea because not only is it eco-friendly and personalized (as you know, Eco-Adventurers just love to take the reins), but it’s also great for biking newbies or cycling pros. In the process, you can name the tour, upload photographs of where you’ll be going, describe the focus and highlights of the trip, plot the route on a map and set the cost parameters of the tour by choosing variables such as accommodation, number of riders, food, crew and vehicle support, etc.

Love, love, love it!

If the tour is feasible, the Tour d’Afrique team approves it and the user can start spreading the word via their friends, social network, blog, local media, etc.  Their contacts can visit the site, view the tour, and make comments or suggestions on how to improve upon it, and ultimately click “Count Me In!” to register their intent to join the tour. The process is completely interactive and collaborative – the route can be changed and modified along the way and the Tour d’Afrique staff is there for support. As soon as there are enough people who have expressed interest, Tour d’Afrique office swings into action with the logistics needed to make it happen and here’s the best part… the original organizer gets to go for free!

Eco Bicycling Trips Europe

An example of a Dream Tour that is ready to go is The Amber Route, created by Tour d’Afrique founder Henry Gold.  This particular cycling trip was used as the beta/test example in developing the Dream Tours concept but was so popular with fellow riders that it is now a reality. This  six-week tour through 8 countries follows the Ancient Amber Trade Route used by the Romans. This tour will begin in St. Petersburg winding its way through the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, then onwards through Poland and Slovakia, continuing on to Hungary cutting through Slovenia and ending in Venice, Italy. To take a look at the process of how this tour was constructed, along with the comments and feedback visit:

Other Dream Tours in the works include a North American Epic (Key West to Anchorage), An Indian Adventure (Kerala to Agra), and the Mediterranean Circuit (loops around the entire Mediterranean Sea).

We think this is just about the coolest thing we’ve heard all week. So let’s get riding. The route won’t come to you, suckers!


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