Recycled Laptop Backpacks

This week, Google announced that it will be offering free WiFi in 47 participating airports this holiday season!

So whether you’re a Mac or a PC, you now have even more reason to make sure that your wireless companion is completely protected as you make your way through rogue airport security and terminals filled with unruly adolescents.  You may not make it through the holidays with your sanity, but that doesn’t mean your laptop should suffer too.

Luckily, Yak Pak makes an assortment of recycled backpacks and sleeves to keep your laptop from taking a beating this holiday season. Yak Pak is offering a 15.6” sleeve and a Laptop Backpack in their Billboard Bag collection made from upcycled billboards that were created to withstand all outside elements so you know that these are made to last!

The Billboard laptop backpack ranges from $34.99- 39.99.

The Billboard items can be found at Best Buy.  Other Yak Pak products can be purchased at such national retailers as Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic and Staples.


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