An Eco-Chic Christmas

We’re wild about the Christmas holidays.

Sure, we know there are plenty of people who get downright depressed and we’ve been there too. No summer sunshine, dark winter clouds… we get it.  Which is also why we think that Christmas is precisely the time to get into that fireplace, hot cocoa, bourbon induced haze of pumpkin pies and ham… without losing out on the feel of a chic summer.

To that end, we spotted the new green hotel in Cornwall, The Scarlet Hotel, one of the UK’s most stylish eco-chic hotels. Their beauty is only matched by their list of green techniques: grey-water harvesting, biomass heating, and a natural saltwater pool make this the perfect place to get into the holiday christmas spirit without losing out on your love of eco-style. You won’t be greeted with cheesy Christmas carols or traditional holiday chintz, but you can expect seasonal Michelin-quality modern cooking, log-fired outdoor hot-tub pods overlooking the sea, and Santorini style chill-out areas that bring back thoughts of that one Grecian summer. It’s like the best of both worlds all in one place. An Eco Chic Winter Summer Holiday with a little of everything in between.

Four-night Christmas break from £730pp, half board.


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