Aveda’s Enbrightenment Skincare

Aveda™, never one to disappoint with their use of natural ingredients, 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging and smart eco-sourcing/farming solutions, has recently introduced a line for all of you skincare lovers who want to know what to do about that sun-damaged post-vacation skin.

Their all-new Enbrightenment™ skincare line promises to achieve professional results with 99.7% naturally derived ingredients and a four-step daily regimen plus twice-weekly masque infused with powerful plant actives to diminish the look of dark spots and discolorations, improving skin’s clarity through exfoliation, anti-oxidants which held free radical oxidation, and Aveda’s proprietary plant-derived Skin Brightening Blend.  In addition to scutellaria (a perennial herb), mulberry root, grape extracts, Ascorbyl glucoside (Vitamin C), Glucosamine, brown algae, organic shea butter, rosemary leaf extract, and aloe vera leaf extract, to name just a few.

Launched in August 2009, the line includes:

• Enbrightenment™ Brightening Cleanser, Treatment Toner, Correcting Serum, Correcting Lotion, Correcting Creme, Intensive Massage Masque

Clinically proven to perform in just eight weeks of continuous use up to a 34% reduction in the appearance of discolouration/dark spots and up to a 52% improvement in visible clarity.


Sandalwood oil—Aveda’s quest for the Earth’s finest sandalwood oil that can be traceably sourced brought the Company to indigenous communities in Western Australia. For the indigenous Mardu peoples, the harvesting of sandalwood provides a sound economic base for its people, while assuring responsible sourcing and harvesting practices for Aveda.

Certified organic rose geranium oil—Aveda collaborates with 30 organic farms throughout South Africa for its certified organic rose geranium oil. The partnership allows local families to return to their villages and farms from big cities, and is an important first step to reclaiming their land and their livelihood.

Cleanser $35/ £19.57 / €31.00 125ml

Toner $42.00/ £29.36 / €46.50 150ml

Serum $50/ £36.70 / €56.50 30ml

Lotion$50/ £41.60 / €65.00 50ml

Crème $55/ £41.60 / €65.00 50ml

Masque $45/ £39.15 / €60.50 125ml

Enbrightenment™ is available in Aveda salons, spas, stores and online at www.aveda.com and www.aveda.co.uk or call 0870 034 2380 for locations.

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