Recycled Jeans?!

While perusing the ‘treats from the suites’ during the Golden Globes Gift Lounges, LA-based Eco-Adventurer Contributor, Candace Poole, came across a brand of jeans that made our eyes light up. We seem to be denim obsessed these days…

Reuse Jeans are not only beautiful, but they’re made from 80% recycled denim!

The point is they’re well made and we think necessary in these days of conscious consumption.  They are sustainable and attainable, leaving a smaller carbon footprint on their way to our closets, and not nearly as expensive as they look. Young, hip Hollywood is behind this product and, we must admit, so are we.

With the increasing pressure for goods at cheapest prices possible, this company has given deep thought as to what it means to consider the planet.  On every level REUSE JEANS cares about a complete cycle of the process and is committed to bringing us a most excellent CLEAN JEAN.  So we say… travel well, be smart and belong to the ever increasing demand for thoughtful manufacturing processes for the sake of Mother Earth.

Retails @ $95/each

One response to this post.

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the shout out re: our efforts to make a difference in the industry….appreciate the extra exposure.
    George Powell


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