Organically Delicious in Krabi, Thailand

Sarah Ivens, Founding Editor of OK! Magazine in the United States, shares more luxe-eco tips from her jaunt around the Far East. This time, she fills our readers in on the organic aspects of the very first Ritz-Carlton Reserve resort to open in the world.

Phulay Bay in Krabi, Thailand offers complete care with a conscience. The newly opened luxury five star destination took five years to complete because the owner wanted everything to be just right, for the guest and the local community. Architects were told to work around the existing flora and fauna, deep rooted mango trees taking preference over fancy garden designs, while the buildings were built and decorated by homegrown talent. Each room is hand-painted by artists from Chang Mai, who made a pilgrimage down to the Andaman Sea to bring a true Thai flavor.

Important scenes from life in Siam inspire the bedrooms –flirting, eating and dancing. The Thais certainly know how to have a good time with what nature had blessed them with. The bathrooms are not stocked with expensive, imported brands. Local artisans blend shampoos, shower gels and soaps from abundant herbs and flowers, like lemongrass and lavender, and refill delicate pots made in nearby kilns, especially for the hotel. Even the restaurants nurture the local environment rather than destroy it. The kitchens have their own vegetable garden and nursery – everything that is used for cooking or gardening is replenished – and they practice sustainable fishing, only serving at your table local fish caught that day that lives free and richly in the local waters. For a vacation that leaves you feeling like the King of the Jungle without feeling like the earth had paid for your privilege, Phulay Bay is the place.

For more info or reservations, call toll free in the US, 1-800-241-333 or visit:


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