Reef’s Ugandal

We love style, but we love substance even more. To that end, this week we’re highlighting Reef, the popular sandal/flip-flop/slipper manufacturer for beach bums and babes alike. Here’s why we like them. They recently purchased paper beads from displaced women in Uganda to adorn a t-strap leather sandal. The women create these beads from recycled magazines and newspapers and sell them to make money for basic necessities like food, shelter and schooling.

Reef traveled to Uganda and filmed a short video clip of the women making the sandals too.  Check it out:

In addition to that feel goodness, the sandal itself is “green.” As mentioned, the beads are made of 100% recycled magazine paper and coated in a water-based lacquer. The leather is chrome-free, and it has a recycled leather wedge. The ‘Ugandal’ will be available for sale at major retailers and specialty boutiques across the country and 1% of the sales will go to the Reef Redemption fund which gives money to organizations like Surf Aid, Surfrider Foundation and Haiti Relief efforts.

So, buy them up and support our talented sisters in Uganda!


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