Empower, Enlighten, Evolve… through Equines

There’s nothing quite like personal growth and discovery… on horseback. I grew up riding in the Arizona desert and when Dad and I took to the canyons and valleys we were like two pilgrims on the search for our own personal holy grail of hope and healing. After all, there was a movie called The Horse Whisperer for a reason.

To that end, when I was told about Equus Elemental, personal development and transformational growth workshops, offering group trainings and coaching utilizing a unique equine-guided process that provides profound and immediate results in all areas of people’s lives, I was hoping and wishing I could fly back stateside just to have a good long ride.

Using the powerful, subtle, non-judgmental guidance of horses in their seminars and workshops is said to accelerate personal growth through facilitated interaction, allowing fast and lasting change.  As horses are natural teachers, mirroring to us our true-selves immediately and non-judgmentally, they teach us how to be present in the moment, how to hold focus and intention, how to communicate honestly and how to be truly aware of the world around us. Growing up, I’m positive that my work on horses forced me to face my fears and my foibles so we recommend giving it a shot. It’s a great idea, isn’t it? You could use some Equine transformation (admit it). Equus Elemental’s will conduct its 2-day workshop “Empower ~ Enlighten ~ Evolve through Equines™”  in Southern Cal at t.h.e. Ranch in Calabasas, 26500 Agoura Rd. 91302, on Saturday, June 19 and Sunday, June 20, 2010.

For reservations call 530-265-2636 or register online at http://www.equuselemental.com Regular tuition is $649 per person, with an early-bird special of $595 if you sign up before May 10, space is limited. Equus Elemental is a member of the Equine Guided Education Association (EGEA)


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