Pay It Forward: Austin, Texas

When you think about it, taking a vacation is a self-centred act and, some might argue, rightfully so. No need to feel too guilty about affording the luxuries in life… if you can. It’s a much-needed time to kick back, catch up on your rest and also fit in some fun.

But, if you’re like us, you’ve probably wished (somewhere from the pool to the spa) that you could give back to the destination that gave you those postcard-perfect memories. Now, thanks to Four Seasons Hotel Austin, you can.

Starting May 1, the Hotel is offering its brand new Pay It Forward package. The deal is sweet and simple: When guests spend a half-day working with one of the Hotel’s non-profit partner organisations, they’ll receive almost 50 percent savings on their room rate. How’s that for Feel Good Savings?

Travellers who are game for generosity can choose to spend their time with either Caritas of Austin, a centre that provides food and supplies to those in need, or Keep Austin Beautiful, a group that focuses on conservation and litter reduction. At the end of their stay, guests can rest assured they’ve enjoyed what the city has to offer, and offered something in return.

Book your room at Four Seasons Hotel Austin to pay it forward, and receive some payback on your bill.  We think it’s a pretty win/win situation, indeed.


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