Belize: An Eco-First

Well, how about this? Belize’s first oceanfront Green Globe Certified property! That’s right, Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort recently earned the prestigious title of Belize’s first-ever Green Globe Certified beachfront property. Based in Hopkins, the eco-resort has been dedicated to operating at the world’s highest environmental standards since its inception in 2000. “In an effort to avoid the travel industry’s ‘green washing’ label, we felt passionately about being part of a program that was serious and reputable,” said Dana Krauskopf, owner of Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort.  Not only does their new achievement exemplify that Hamanasi puts the environment first; but it also shows the staff, guests and public that Hamanasi is deeply committed to its green/sustainability initiatives.

Hamanasi’s pledge to Mother Nature was followed by the immediate implementation of efforts including hiring and developing local staff, keeping as much of the native plants and eco system as possible, including an 11-acre nature reserve, and designing to ensure maximum natural light and air flow. In fact, Hamanasi plans to introduce solar power in new guest units, invest in a new grey water system, establish an organic garden and implement other earth friendly, energy saving efforts. So we say, in addition to diving, cavorting, and canoodling in paradise, now you can feel extra good about it.

Email: or call 1-877-552-3483

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  1. Looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit Belize, maybe I will have to go to this eco resort 🙂


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