Garden Gourmet in Malay

The Four Seasons Langkawi Malaysia Bar

This fancy joint has one of the most stunning bar settings around, don’t you think?

If that’s not sexy enough, it’s also bursting with garden goodness.

When we heard about the Four Seasons Malaysia’s Garden Gourmet organic dinner (under the stars in the lush setting of their own organic garden), we thought… the islands, luxe greenery, exotic deliciousness? Count us in!

Apparently, you can relish the “freshly picked harvest from nature’s bounty of fruit, herbs and vegetables as you savour the aromatic tastes of spicy galangal and lemongrass soup paired with ocean-fresh catch from the Andaman Sea.” To me, that sounds a like a vacation from packaged sandwiches and Tesco or Baja Fresh, no?

Featuring a menu of locally and organically grown seasonal produce in creative blends, the Gourmet Garden 4-course dinner offers, quite possibly, one of the freshest dining experiences; expertly and artfully prepared by their Executive Chef Billy Akunna.  You’ll stroll the grounds with the chef to discover how to nurture your own healthy and sustainable garden as you hand-pick fresh ingredients for your dinner before coming together at the intimate Green Chef’s table by the garden’s edge. And the rooms… well, they look like this:

The Four Seasons Langkawi Malaysia Room

To us, organic produce-inspired meals fresh from the garden sounded like a more unique, delectable (and meaningful) way to connect to the natural environment in… a five-star outdoor dining room embraced by lush tropical gardens? That doesn’t hurt either.

Did we mention you’re also… in Malaysia? Now that’s pretty off-the-beaten path when it comes to Asia, no?

At approximately (deep breath) $584.58/night, we’re not going to tell you it’s a steal. We will, however, tell you… the memory just might be worth it.

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