Natural Make-Up for Eco-Goddesses

Stript Vegan Make-Up

Plant vs. Paraben.

Natural vs. Toxic.

We came across a little company called Stript about two years ago – back when we were moonlighting for DAYSPA Magazine.

We thought, “Eco-friendly, well-designed, full of great colors, and they’re perfect for the eco-adventurer in all of us.” So, we’re filling our loyal readers in on the secret… one of our favorite Vegan make-up lines.

We especially like their one-of-a-kind Stript lipstick liner crayons which allow you to save the steps (and the cost) by lining and filling lips using a single component. The ultra-hydrating formula is naturally scented with aromatic hints of vanilla extract and almond, two deliciously puckable scents.

Here’s the upshot.  Parabens are F.D.A. approved synthetic food and cosmetic ingredients used as a preservative to stabilize products that contain water and to inhibit the growth of bacteria. At Stript Cosmetics, they’re replacing synthetic preservatives with natural alternatives called Natural Broad Spectrum Microbial Growth Inhibitors.  Derived from plants, they’re all natural and include Plantservative (Japanese Honeysuckle), Naticide (derived from the almond plant), and luminara digitata (marine algae), renowned for being rich in antioxidant vitamins. How cool is that?

FYI –  The most commonly used parabens are methyparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben so avoid them (and go get Stript).

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