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My Tree House is Your Tree House

Cedar Creek Tree House: mt. Rainier

If this isn’t just the coolest thing, we don’t know what is. That’s right… we’re a little obsessed with forts, tree houses, and swinging from trees of all shapes and sizes so, when we heard we could stay in one 50 feet up in the air, we thought, “Well, you can’t get much greener than that!”

Welcome to the Cedar Creek Treehouse.

Now, imagine having your own state park for a weekend with a clear mountain stream flowing by your cabin as you peer from the canopies of a lush rainforest. Blue herons glide overhead, all the while… you’re in a cabin with a mammoth tree trunk growing straight up through the floor of your kitchen and disappearing through the ceiling.

How cool is that?

The Massive Tree Trunk!

Your adventure also includes a one-hour guided tour of the Stairway To Heaven, Rainbow Bridge, and Treehouse Observatory, where guests can video, photograph, use the binoculars, and enjoy incredible views of Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually Valley from 100 feet in the sky. Cedar Creek Treehouse is an Earth-friendly, privately owned and operated mountain retreat, located “one mile as the crow flies, 10 miles by car, from the Nisqually River Entrance to Mount Rainier National Park bordering the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.” They offer unique treehouse vacation rental lodging with this bed and breakfast cottage 50 feet up in a 200-year old Western Red Cedar tree.

The new addition of their Treehouse Observatory (and its “Stairway to Heaven” access) – gives some spectacular mountain views 100 feet high in a nearby fir tree – to redefine the concept of a treehouse resort.

It’s $300/night worth of cool, that’s what.

Eco-iPhone Covers

Accessory Geeks: Eco-iPhone Case

We love Geeks. That’s right… the smarter, the sexier. We also love Eco-Geeks.

Those are geeks who like to recycle and buy sustainable gadgets. So, when we came across and saw that they had just announced an exclusive one-of-a-kind line of eco-designed wood iPhone® and iPad® cases we thought it sounded pretty cool. Sure beats the plastic numbers.

Each case provides solid protection and is unique because it is made from 100% real wood. The wood cases are available for iPhone 3G, 3GS (sliding) and 4G as well as the iPad, Nintendo® DS Lite and BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700.  The cases are easily attached by simply snapping them on the back of your device.

Unlike other wood cases on the market, AccessoryGeeks’ phone cases are made from one piece of wood so they are not glued together in pieces, resulting in more durability. The covers also emit a subtle, natural wood scent that will eliminate unpleasant odors in your bags or pockets (we take it you’re not a dirty smoker… we hope). The exotic wood types range from Sonokeling and Gmelina from the jungles of Indonesia, to hard Jackfruit and even Teak, which is the fastest regenerating wood on earth. These woods also have a natural ability to absorb a tremendous amount of shock, resulting in impregnable protection for your device.  Environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable, the best part is that cases start under $25.

Limoneira, CA: Sustainable Farm Tours

Limoneira Sustainable Farm Tour: Miniature English Sheep!

Sure, we’d never heard of Santa Paula, California or Limoneira before, but when we received word about The Limoneira Company Citrus Ranch Tour we got hungry and thirsty, hankering for an outdoorsy farm visit. With sensory delights like acres of avocado and lemon orchards, colorful stretches of crops, and a look back into farming history with period ranch photos and original packing ‘fruit crate’ art, we thought it sounded like a really nice break away from the rat race. The tour also shows guests what modern farmers are doing to become more sustainable.

Citrus Ranch Tour guests view a 5.5-acre ‘solar orchard’ that supplies power to Limoneira’s lemon storage facilities. Weeds are kept in check naturally around the solar panels by… get this… English miniature sheep. Miniature sheep! Guests will also stop by Limoneira’s 10-acre green recycling yard where green materials are naturally composted into mulch and then distributed in the orchards.

The one-hour tour takes place in a courtesy van with limited walking for the old folks. Beverages included (lemonade anyone?). The best part? It’s only about an hour and twenty minutes West of Los Angeles near Oxnard and Thousand Oaks!

Cost: $20 adults, $17 seniors and $5 children (special price for children through 2010)

For those looking for local accommodations:

Glen Tavern Inn & Restaurant
(805) 933-5550
134 N Mill St
Santa Paula, CA

3.7 miles from Limoneira Company

Santa Paula Inn
(805) 933-0011
111 N 8th St
Santa Paula, CA

3.6 miles from Limoneira Company

Organic Pharmacy: The Dry Skin Solution

The Organic Pharmacy - Skincare

It’s that time of year. Summer sun, beaches, and babes.

The only catch? If you hang in the sun too long, you’ll come away looking wizened. Don’t say my mom and I didn’t warn you. No one past the age of 26 should lounge in the sun for very long. Trust us. We know.

The solution?

An organic moisturizing process that will definitely get your skin nourished. It’s a new feeling, this oily thick Carrot cleanser and uber rich Double Rose Ultra Face Cream, but for post-summer leather skin, you’ll need it. All natural and organic, not tested on animals, and no nasty parabens, it smells great, looks great, and is perfect for that dry summer skin of yours. Plus, it won’t make you break out. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. When we say this stuff is rich, we mean rich. It takes getting used to the almost petroleum-like consistency of the Carrot Cleanser, but it’s strangely fun to use once you do.

To repair both skin and hair:
The Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Serum, an amazing anti-ageing and repairing treatment oil. It’s said to repair and reverse sun damage, premature ageing, and wrinkles while re-hydrating your tired brow.
The best routine for dry skin:
*Carrot Butter Cleanser or Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Milk
*Hydrate with the Herbal Toner
*Repair with the Antioxidant Face Firming Serum
*Moisturise with the Double Rose Ultra Face Cream
*And 1-2x a week use the Honey & Jasmine Mask
The Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Serum is great for hair, as well as the Hair Serum.  Just remember, these cleansers don’t foam like those with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate so expect a different, thicker, more essential oil experience.

Mustique, Now That’s Chic

Mustique Island... Bareback, baby!

Bareback and in a bikini. Tell you, tell me! I’m ready for my Mustique vacay.

Luckily, the private, ultra-exclusive
island of Mustique is offering a ‘Summer Sizzler’ package you won’t want to miss.

A small private island in the West Indies, Mustique is actually a group of islands called the Grenadines (most of which form part of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines). Attracting a number of celebrities (just like you), the big dogs who’ve visited include: Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Pierce Brosnan, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. So clearly, you’re next.

The island is petite and discrete; covering 1,400 acres with several coral reefs, tortoises, herons, and a year-round population of only about 500 living in the villages of Lovell, Britannia Bay, and Dover. And, the good news is this right here… starting right now through September 4, 2010 (maybe they’ll even extend it a bit if you say you saw it here first), book a room at the Cotton House, the island’s only hotel, and receive 2 nights free, plus up to a $500 hotel credit to use on luxe amenities like a spa treatment or dinner at Veranda Restaurant. The ‘Summer Sizzler’ package includes:

* Stay 7-nights, only pay for 5-nights  get 2 nights for free!
* $500 hotel credit for double-occupancy or $250 resort credit for
* Daily breakfast
* Airport transfers to/from hotel
* Welcome cocktail

The starting rates for this offer are $520 per night for a cottage at single
or double-occupancy. Rates are exclusive of a 10% service tax, subject to
availability and require a seven-day cancelation policy for full refund.

Mustique's Luxurious Cotton Island Hotel

A little bit about Mustique:

A renowned 1,400-acre private island in the Grenadines and long favorite hideaway for the world’s most discriminating travelers.

Scattered around the island are 72 super swanky, yet island dreamy designer villas, each with its own distinctive architecture and atmosphere. Available for weekly rentals, these villas range in size from 2 to 9 bedrooms from $4,250 to $150,000 a week, including a full staff and vehicle.

The only hotel on the island, the Cotton House is an elegant West Indian-style plantation estate with 17 luxe rooms, cottages and suites, 11 of which feature private plunge pools.

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