Eco-iPhone Covers

Accessory Geeks: Eco-iPhone Case

We love Geeks. That’s right… the smarter, the sexier. We also love Eco-Geeks.

Those are geeks who like to recycle and buy sustainable gadgets. So, when we came across and saw that they had just announced an exclusive one-of-a-kind line of eco-designed wood iPhone® and iPad® cases we thought it sounded pretty cool. Sure beats the plastic numbers.

Each case provides solid protection and is unique because it is made from 100% real wood. The wood cases are available for iPhone 3G, 3GS (sliding) and 4G as well as the iPad, Nintendo® DS Lite and BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700.  The cases are easily attached by simply snapping them on the back of your device.

Unlike other wood cases on the market, AccessoryGeeks’ phone cases are made from one piece of wood so they are not glued together in pieces, resulting in more durability. The covers also emit a subtle, natural wood scent that will eliminate unpleasant odors in your bags or pockets (we take it you’re not a dirty smoker… we hope). The exotic wood types range from Sonokeling and Gmelina from the jungles of Indonesia, to hard Jackfruit and even Teak, which is the fastest regenerating wood on earth. These woods also have a natural ability to absorb a tremendous amount of shock, resulting in impregnable protection for your device.  Environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable, the best part is that cases start under $25.

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