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Agent Femme Meets Lush

The Best Beauty Blog:

We have a favorite beauty blog and it goes by the name Agent Femme. It’s by far one of the best new beauty blogs on the web. We’re also lucky enough to know some of the beautiful femme bots behind the blog and let’s just say this much… they wake up looking like Venus on the half shell and smile like the sun on a crisp Spring day. So, who else would we really listen to?

To that end, they’ve been kind enough to allow us to share their latest eco-friendly (and travel friendly) find. So, from to Eco-Adventurer… straight to you:

During a recent visit to the local LUSH store, I came across a pretty unorthodox item. I’ve walked past it many times and never took the time to study its purpose, or come to grips with its “out of the box” nature: LUSH’s Shampoo Bar. Shampoo in a bar? What tha what? I consider myself  a beauty scientist of sorts, and in the name of all my fellow Femmes, I’m willing to try just about anything, but a bar on my head??? I’m willing to bet most of you will think it’s absolutely ludicrous to consider the idea of swapping your liquid shampoo for a bar, but I took one for the team.

Off the bat, I love the idea of the shampoo bar being sans package. Over our lifetime, we can toss thousands of bottles into landfills, and the LUSH shampoo bar leaves nothing behind. The science behind a shampoo bar is that it is simply shampoo without the water content, just the solid ingredients remaining and formed into a bar.

LUSH offers a variety of shampoo bars for different types of hair, I decided to pick up the Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar for oily hair, which has a pretty, soft rosemary scent. I hopped into the shower and wet my hair, smoothed the bar all over my hair and it started to get sudsy just like my favorite salon shampoo. So weird, yet… fab-u-lous! I set the bar down and scrubbed and rinsed just as I would with my regular shampoo. Squeak squeak, my hair felt residue-free and had a pretty subtle scent. I used a leave-in conditioner and styled my hair as usual and the results were, well, life altering.

Lush's Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar

Pros: no package, fabulous for travel, lasts up to 50 washes, smells yummy, and you can use it as a body soap as well. Cons: little bits of rosemary sprigs falling out of the bar. Well, Femmes, it’s official. I am a shampoo bar convert. Don’t know why my ignorance kept me away from such a savvy hair cleansing option for so many years. We want to hear from all the Femmes that are going to hit “the bar.”

Cheers! – Agent 003



Happy holidays, hooligans!

As we head into the season to be merry, we often find ourselves holed up at home with a good book and, if you’re anything like us, you’re still reading the old fashioned paper kind. You know, the kind where you can actually flip the pages!

To that end, we came across the Netflix of books called, BookSwim, which offers unlimited book rentals for one flat monthly price. A member simply clicks a title on our website to add it to her list, and his or her top books automatically ship out with no need for a complicated checkout process. Returning books is as simple as enclosing them within an included prepaid, self-sealing return mailer and dropping the package in the mail. When the return package reaches their warehouse, the member’s next selections ship immediately. With the supply of new books forever replenishing itself, members can read 3, 5, 10 books in a single month – for the same flat monthly membership fee.

We think, for those still reading the old fashioned way, this is the next logical step and a great idea for a holiday gift. So, get your mom, dad, brother, or boyfriend a subscription and let us know what you think! PS. I tried mine out and loved it. I also wanted to buy a book and discovered that that’s an option too!

Santa Barbara, CA: Eco-Cabin Retreat

Bjorklund Ranch: Peachtree Eco-Cabin


As they say, it’s no walk in the park, but we disagree. We think a long hike in the woods with your honey is the best way to endure the ups and downs of any long-term love affair (just don’t get any wise ideas, ya hear?).

So, for some much needed couple time with no distractions, Eco-Adventurer’s advice is to take a weekend (or longer) and spend it at a hidden Swedish eco-cabin in the Santa Barbara mountains. We’re not lying when we say, this is one secret gem we’ve been hesitant to share. Namely because… we want this sweet spot available the next time we’re in town.

Picture this: an eco-friendly cabin, an outdoor shower, an outdoor tub that you heat by lighting a fire beneath, and a deck overlooking a large expanse of mountains with near total privacy. Plus, it’s cheap!

The Stairway to Heaven (aka. The Stairway to the Outdoor Shower)

Granted, the outhouse is an outhouse, but the Bjorklund Ranch cabins (and yurts) are clean, comfortable and make for a rare Swedish retreat nestled into the California mountain side. The cabin, completely private and quiet, is also surrounded by fruit trees, a creek, and a view of the ocean.

Rental Includes:

  • Deck with great views and a BBQ grill
  • Wood burning stove with firewood provided
  • Private, outdoor shower under the deck
  • Exterior smell free composting toilet
  • Bio-compatible soaps
  • Jacuzzi (short walk to shared jacuzzi)
  • Optional Spa Package can be purchased

Rates/Conditions (rates include tax)

  • Mon – Thurs – $125 per night
  • Fri – Sun  – $145 per night

All rates are based on Double Occupancy and, trust us, if you don’t have a unique, truly loving experience… ain’t no amount of nature gonna help you weather those storms! This is one piece of natural bliss we certainly won’t forget.

100% Pure and Natural Beauty

100% Pure Honey Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

If this isn’t the best smelling shampoo and conditioner on the market, we don’t know what is. Did we also mention the fact that this entire line is 100% Pure? That’s right: no synthetic chemicals, petro chemicals, toxins, or artificial fragrances. Cruelty free, the packaging is made from recycled plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper and printing is done with non-toxic soy and vegetable-based inks. It’s also 100% biodegradable. It can’t get much better… but wait… it can!

They also have a delicious natural and organic make-up and skincare line with the lightest, most absorbent mint white tea moisturizer and organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream we’ve ever tried. We first found out about 100% Pure when we received their chocolate lip palette for Christmas last year. They looked and smelled so amazing that we had to stop ourselves from eating them. Cosmetics are colored from patent-pending antioxidant vitamin-packed fruit and vegetable pigments and there are so many great lip, face, hair and body products that we don’t really know where to begin. We want them all. Keep in mind that these products are natural so, for example,  the Honey Coconut shampoo, is more watery than what you’d normally expect because they don’t contain those big foaming chemicals, but we promise that your hair will smell better than it’s ever smelled before. In fact, the make-up and skincare are so top notch that we’re trying to use ours quickly… just so that we can try more of them.

PS. These products make an excellent gift for yourself or for friends/family. And guys… if you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for your girlfriend, mom, or sister during the holidays, you (and the women in your life) will never be happier.

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