Happy holidays, hooligans!

As we head into the season to be merry, we often find ourselves holed up at home with a good book and, if you’re anything like us, you’re still reading the old fashioned paper kind. You know, the kind where you can actually flip the pages!

To that end, we came across the Netflix of books called, BookSwim, which offers unlimited book rentals for one flat monthly price. A member simply clicks a title on our website to add it to her list, and his or her top books automatically ship out with no need for a complicated checkout process. Returning books is as simple as enclosing them within an included prepaid, self-sealing return mailer and dropping the package in the mail. When the return package reaches their warehouse, the member’s next selections ship immediately. With the supply of new books forever replenishing itself, members can read 3, 5, 10 books in a single month – for the same flat monthly membership fee.

We think, for those still reading the old fashioned way, this is the next logical step and a great idea for a holiday gift. So, get your mom, dad, brother, or boyfriend a subscription and let us know what you think! PS. I tried mine out and loved it. I also wanted to buy a book and discovered that that’s an option too!


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