Agent Femme Meets Lush

The Best Beauty Blog:

We have a favorite beauty blog and it goes by the name Agent Femme. It’s by far one of the best new beauty blogs on the web. We’re also lucky enough to know some of the beautiful femme bots behind the blog and let’s just say this much… they wake up looking like Venus on the half shell and smile like the sun on a crisp Spring day. So, who else would we really listen to?

To that end, they’ve been kind enough to allow us to share their latest eco-friendly (and travel friendly) find. So, from to Eco-Adventurer… straight to you:

During a recent visit to the local LUSH store, I came across a pretty unorthodox item. I’ve walked past it many times and never took the time to study its purpose, or come to grips with its “out of the box” nature: LUSH’s Shampoo Bar. Shampoo in a bar? What tha what? I consider myself  a beauty scientist of sorts, and in the name of all my fellow Femmes, I’m willing to try just about anything, but a bar on my head??? I’m willing to bet most of you will think it’s absolutely ludicrous to consider the idea of swapping your liquid shampoo for a bar, but I took one for the team.

Off the bat, I love the idea of the shampoo bar being sans package. Over our lifetime, we can toss thousands of bottles into landfills, and the LUSH shampoo bar leaves nothing behind. The science behind a shampoo bar is that it is simply shampoo without the water content, just the solid ingredients remaining and formed into a bar.

LUSH offers a variety of shampoo bars for different types of hair, I decided to pick up the Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar for oily hair, which has a pretty, soft rosemary scent. I hopped into the shower and wet my hair, smoothed the bar all over my hair and it started to get sudsy just like my favorite salon shampoo. So weird, yet… fab-u-lous! I set the bar down and scrubbed and rinsed just as I would with my regular shampoo. Squeak squeak, my hair felt residue-free and had a pretty subtle scent. I used a leave-in conditioner and styled my hair as usual and the results were, well, life altering.

Lush's Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar

Pros: no package, fabulous for travel, lasts up to 50 washes, smells yummy, and you can use it as a body soap as well. Cons: little bits of rosemary sprigs falling out of the bar. Well, Femmes, it’s official. I am a shampoo bar convert. Don’t know why my ignorance kept me away from such a savvy hair cleansing option for so many years. We want to hear from all the Femmes that are going to hit “the bar.”

Cheers! – Agent 003


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