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Gorillaz in Da Mist

Breaking News!! Breaking News!! Breaking News!! Breaking News!! Breaking News!!

Gorillas are Gaining Momentum!

The Gorilla Population In Africa Is On The Rise, Demonstrating Gorilla Tourism’s Positive Impact

Isn’t that exciting? A recent statement from the wildlife agencies of Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) stated that the current gorilla populations in all three countries have increased significantly, by 26.3% over the last seven years. This is fantastic news for conservationists and tourism organizations like Volcanoes Safaris, who have worked to protect the gorillas and their habitat while providing travelers with life-changing close encounters with the endangered gorillas.

The gorillas, which can be found in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Parc National des Virunga in the DRC, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, are estimated to have a population increase of 3.7%, which, according to the census, matches that of the human population increase in Uganda. The growth in the gorilla population demonstrates the positive impact gorilla tourism is having on gorilla conservation.

Volcanoes Safaris, one such gorilla tourism organization, is widely recognized for their integrated, unique eco-tourism model which is centered on protecting the threatened gorilla and chimpanzee populations of the Western Rift Valley in Africa. Using a truly grassroots method of promoting tourism, the Volcanoes Safaris eco-lodges, which are the only lodges near Africa’s gorilla parks, were created to use environmental resources in a sustainable way while empowering local communities by employing only local people to manage them. Because of their highly successful model of tourism, Volcanoes Safaris has taken over 6000 clients on gorilla safaris, and currently employs over 100 people globally.

This exciting news bodes well for the future of gorilla tourism, and for travelers who dream of seeing the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

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Organic Cotton Bedding

Organic Portico Sheets & Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

We like soft sheets and organic treats. So, just in time for the holiday travel season, eco-friendly home fashions brand Portico Home + Spa is launching an extensive organic cotton bedding program (sheets, pillow cases, and shams… oh my!) at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. Now available in premier suites at 14 Hyatt hotels nationwide as well as in Aruba, additional Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, and Hyatt hotels plan to add this bedding line to their premier suites next year. Another nice deet: Hyatt already offers Portico amenities (shampoo, conditioner, and bath soap) in recycled PET packaging in more than 100 hotels nationally, making them available at the website.

The launch of these linens in Hyatt hotels marks the first step of Portico’s hospitality industry initiative whereby the brand will partner with leading hotel and spa properties with progressive corporate sustainability missions. As part of the initiative, Portico will provide one-stop-shop sustainable solutions for properties wishing to authenticate their “green” initiatives. One part of Hyatt’s global sustainability program, Hyatt Earth, also includes making responsible purchasing decisions. The organic cotton used in the bedding collection has been certified to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which prohibits the use of toxic inputs during textile processing.
Props to Hyatt and Portico!
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