Tofu Fa in Chinatown

Tofu Fa

While perusing The New York Times Travel section, we came across Peter Meehan’s piece on New York’s Chinatown and saw a mention of tofu fa that got us salivating. So, we thought we’d share the goods with our loyal flock ‘a seagulls.

Tofu fa is a super-soft and slippery tofu that often comes in a light and sweet gingery syrup. His recommendation is to hit up the northeast corner of Grand Street and Bowery. Though Meehan isn’t as much a fan of the “sweet” tofu fa, he says, ask for the tofu fa “salty” and they’ll spice it up with two kinds of soy sauce mixtures, scallions, minced pickled turnip and peanuts.  Sonds amazing and, for less than $2, it’s a fast healthy lunch that could be a great staple. He also suggests the rice noodle sauced with bottled condiments similar to the same dish served at the little cart parked outside the shop on Grand Street.

Other tofu recipes and nibbles? Diver scallop-size plugs of light and airy fried tofu served with pickled turnip stuff (if you ask for it).

You don’t go here for the ambience, but, as Meehan explains, “You can fill up on something delicious and not break a Lincoln dwindle.”

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