WinWin Living

Win Win Living

For those who care about their family, their pet and their planet, we spotted this new website, WinWin Living, that features dramatically discounted daily deals on the best of what your city has to offer. WinWin Living not only helps boost local business, but they also donate 10% of their deal proceeds to charity, proving life can be a WinWin. An online lifestyle guide and daily deal website for parents, pet-owners, and eco-enthusiasts who want the most from their city and the best for their planet, all at an unparalleled low price (50% to 90% off), each day WinWin Living features an amazing deal on family, pet, and eco-friendly dining, products, services, and entertainment. Subscribers purchase the deal on the spot, but can use it for an extended period of time, thus saving significantly while boosting local business. WinWin Living personally donates 10% of their revenue to charitable organizations that benefit animal services, children’s well-being, and green living and customers are also able to choose a nonprofit from a featured list on their website each time they make a purchase.

So yep… sounds pretty win win to me.

What do you think?

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