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A Ship within a Ship

MSC Yacht Club

We thought we knew almost every chic cruise line out there, but when we recently caught wind (hehehe) of the MSC Yacht Club, we were ready to scream, “Ahoy, Matey!”

The MSC Yacht Club is this: a ship within a ship aboard the prestigious foredecks of MSC’s designer flagships, MSC Fantasia (the largest cruise ship ever built for a European owner; greater in length than the height of the Eiffel Tower!) and MSC Splendida. The Yacht Club, in their words, “Provides a truly unique experience to its guests that is unparalleled in the cruising industry.  From the moment VIP Yacht Club members arrive to embark, they will be greeted with a staff that is there to attend to every possible desire they may have.” Ummm… so who’s going to fan me with banana leaves and tell me I’m gawgeous? Please say his name is Fernando or Alberto. Either one will do.

Guests of these fine vessels can also enjoy private access to an array of exclusive amenities like…

·         71 luxury suites – allocated to the MSC Yacht Club guests

·         Upper foredeck views from panoramic window or private balcony

·         Myform memory foam beds, Mascioni Egyptian cotton sheets, Dorelan pillows

·         Marble whirlpool bathroom with a full bath and shower

·         Spacious wardrobe, widescreen TV with Nintendo Wii consoles, in-suite laptop with payable Internet access, telephone, personal safe, air conditioning, in-suite mini-bar with complimentary soft drinks, cocktails, beers, wines and spirits, complimentary laundry and dry cleaning

·         24-hour butler service includes assistance during priority check-in and embarkation/disembarkation at each port, unpack/pack luggage, valet services, priority theater bookings, private shopping aboard

·         Exclusive complimentary dining at L’Etoile on La Fantasia and at L’Olivo on MSC Splendida, with exclusive menus and open sittings

·         The picturesque Top Sail Lounge dishes out a selection of complimentary drinks, gourmet snacks and desserts throughout the day – all served on fine porcelain tableware

·         The One Bar offers complimentary drinks and gourmet snacks throughout the day

Itineraries are to some of the most intriguing locales in the Mediterranean, with rates starting at a reasonable $2,799

Oh, Fernandoooooooo…

H&M Spring 2011: Conscious Collection

H&M Conscious Collection: Spring 2011

In our quest to sniff out all things sustainable and sexy when it comes to fashion, we just uncovered a piece by Starre Vartan of who filled readers in on H&M’s new Spring 2011 line of sustainable fashion so we wanted to spread the word.

Committing to using sustainable fabrics, their upcoming Spring 2011 collection, Conscious Collection is the follow-up for Spring 2010′s Garden Collection. Utilizing organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, the all-white collection means that it will work on all your Spring or Summer vacation travels. “It’s no longer just about organic cotton. The possibilities for creating a complete fashion statement with eco smarter materials are huge now. By designing recurring Conscious Collections we have the opportunity to show in a variety of ways what’s possible using more sustainable fabrics,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M head of design. “Shades of white are the season’s biggest fashion trend. White creates a romantic feeling with lace and broderie anglaise, but it is also the basic color in a sporty, relaxed style and in a preppy tailored look for men.”

We have so many reasons to love H&M and now they’ve given us one more.

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Sabi Sabi African Safari

Luxury safari lodges… who doesn’t want to partake? The thing is this… some offer unprecedented experiences and others offer the traditional safari jaunt.

Well, you guessed it… we like our safaris a little different than the rest. Enter internationally renowned Sabi Sabi located in the Sabi Sands Reserve in greater Kruger National Park. Sabi Sabi has a few things you haven’t heard of up their sleeves like: teaching basic survival skills to all you city slickers. Already an award-winning private game reserve boasting some of the world’s best rangers and trackers., these experts are offering their vast knowledge on the practical, nutritional and medicinal uses of various plants, trees and grasses, along with how to find food and water, and ways to maintain proper hygiene if unexpectedly found in the bushveld.

Hello, Bush Baby!

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Courtesy of Sabi Sabi, here are a few tips they’ll teach you to survive in the bush:

·         Buffalo thorn leaves to alleviate swelling and settle an upset stomach.

·         Sausage tree is useful in curing many skin ailments.

·         Burn elephant dung and inhale the smoke to cure relieve headaches.

·         Create a toothbrush by cutting a guarrie bush twig, peeling off the bark and using a stone to pound on the twig until it opens and reveals its bristles.

·         Make toothpaste by burning a few branches of the leadwood tree and mixing the white ash with water. Both brush and paste have antibacterial properties that leave teeth healthy.

·         Produce an antibacterial mouthwash by boiling the roots and bark of a knobwood tree for about an hour and rinsing with the brew.

·         Use the soft leaves of the weeping wattle tree for drying or as tissue paper.

·         The tambotie tree is an excellent insect repellant. Carefully cut the wood of the tambotie tree as to avoid the milky sap which can cause eye and skin irritation. Burn the wood and the resulting highly-scented smoke will keep mosquitoes and other bugs away.

·         As for sustenance, there are a variety of edible fruits and berries growing on trees and bushes in the African bushveld. Depending on the season the sour plum, marula, jackalberry, wild date palm, sycamore fig, jacket plum, magic guarrie or white berry is available.

·         For protein, catch a fish. Drop sap from the euphorbia plant into a bundle of grass, tie the bundle to a rock and drop it in the river. Fish in the water will be stupefied and rise to the surface, making it possible to catch them by hand. If there is nothing on hand to do the tying, the bark of several bushveld trees and grasses can be woven into a very strong rope.

So really, what are you waiting for? Sabi Sabi offers world-class standards in luxury accommodation, exceptional wildlife encounters, personal service and delicious cuisine. Suites at Little Bush Camp start at $686. Suites at Bush Camp start at $742.  Suites at the Selati Camp start at $777. Suites at Earth Lodge start at $1190. All rates are per person, per night.

Eco-Watches by WEWOOD


Eco-Watch by WEWOOD

Okay, is this not the coolest watch ever?? WEWOOD emerged out of Italy as an emblem of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. An ‘ avant-garde approach to sophisticated sustainability’ this sexy 100% wood, hypo-allergic, completely free of toxic chemicals, and Miyota movement watch isn’t waterproof, but it is ‘splash-proof’.

They say it ‘does just fine in the rain or in the kitchen, even on the beach’, but don’t take WeWOOD swimming. Like any natural wood, the wood slightly expends when getting wet, and this makes the flexibility of the links less supple. Generally, the wood fully recovers when dry.

So think of it as your statement piece when you sip mojitos with friends.

Retails from $119

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