Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Sabi Sabi African Safari

Luxury safari lodges… who doesn’t want to partake? The thing is this… some offer unprecedented experiences and others offer the traditional safari jaunt.

Well, you guessed it… we like our safaris a little different than the rest. Enter internationally renowned Sabi Sabi located in the Sabi Sands Reserve in greater Kruger National Park. Sabi Sabi has a few things you haven’t heard of up their sleeves like: teaching basic survival skills to all you city slickers. Already an award-winning private game reserve boasting some of the world’s best rangers and trackers., these experts are offering their vast knowledge on the practical, nutritional and medicinal uses of various plants, trees and grasses, along with how to find food and water, and ways to maintain proper hygiene if unexpectedly found in the bushveld.

Hello, Bush Baby!

Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Courtesy of Sabi Sabi, here are a few tips they’ll teach you to survive in the bush:

·         Buffalo thorn leaves to alleviate swelling and settle an upset stomach.

·         Sausage tree is useful in curing many skin ailments.

·         Burn elephant dung and inhale the smoke to cure relieve headaches.

·         Create a toothbrush by cutting a guarrie bush twig, peeling off the bark and using a stone to pound on the twig until it opens and reveals its bristles.

·         Make toothpaste by burning a few branches of the leadwood tree and mixing the white ash with water. Both brush and paste have antibacterial properties that leave teeth healthy.

·         Produce an antibacterial mouthwash by boiling the roots and bark of a knobwood tree for about an hour and rinsing with the brew.

·         Use the soft leaves of the weeping wattle tree for drying or as tissue paper.

·         The tambotie tree is an excellent insect repellant. Carefully cut the wood of the tambotie tree as to avoid the milky sap which can cause eye and skin irritation. Burn the wood and the resulting highly-scented smoke will keep mosquitoes and other bugs away.

·         As for sustenance, there are a variety of edible fruits and berries growing on trees and bushes in the African bushveld. Depending on the season the sour plum, marula, jackalberry, wild date palm, sycamore fig, jacket plum, magic guarrie or white berry is available.

·         For protein, catch a fish. Drop sap from the euphorbia plant into a bundle of grass, tie the bundle to a rock and drop it in the river. Fish in the water will be stupefied and rise to the surface, making it possible to catch them by hand. If there is nothing on hand to do the tying, the bark of several bushveld trees and grasses can be woven into a very strong rope.

So really, what are you waiting for? Sabi Sabi offers world-class standards in luxury accommodation, exceptional wildlife encounters, personal service and delicious cuisine. Suites at Little Bush Camp start at $686. Suites at Bush Camp start at $742.  Suites at the Selati Camp start at $777. Suites at Earth Lodge start at $1190. All rates are per person, per night.


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