In Villas Veritas

In Villa Veritas: Luxury Villa Rentals

These days, those seeking a luxury travel experience far beyond the amenities that a five star hotel can offer are turning to high-end villa rentals as they provide the ultimate in luxury including privacy, space and service in stunningly beautiful surroundings.

We love the villa experience for so many reasons. Namely, the ability to do our own thing in the confines of our own space. Plus, private villas are often a much better deal than your standard hotel option.

To that end, top villa rental expert Laura Blair of In Villas Veritas has noticed a dramatic increase in villa rentals in Europe and the Caribbean over the past decade, particularly this year over last. In Villas Veritas represents over 200 properties in Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States that are all hand selected by Laura Blair who visits every single property prior to representing it, to ensure they meet her exacting standards. She has often stayed in these properties to get to know each individual villa and its surroundings inside and out. Blair, who was raised in Europe and spent an extensive part of her life traveling, is fluent in French and Italian. Her extensive list of personal contacts in these regions makes her the go-to source for all long and short-term villa rentals. Blair’s clientele expect the best and trusts her expertise and longstanding track record to deliver the most exceptional properties, service and overall experience.

There are several advantages of vacationing in a villa over a hotel and below are three key factors that, according to Laura Blair, make villas the primary choice for luxury travelers:

1) The Villa Value

Due to tough economic times over the past few years, travelers have grown to understand the incredible value that a villa offers over a hotel even on the highest level. When traveling in a large group – whether as a family or a group of friends- luxury hotel room rates add up to exorbitant amounts with many extra add-ons and fees, whereas a villa rate remains standard per week regardless of the amount of people that are staying on the property. Additionally, many luxury villa properties come with full staff for service included, which helps save on numerous additional expenses for the group. Even the wealthiest do not like to throw money away

2) The Villa Advantage

Privacy equals luxury. High profile jetsetters and savvy vacationers like to hide away from the crowds when on vacation with their families and friends, so a luxury villa rental provides the ultimate escape from their busy schedules and lives. Villa renters never have to wait for room service, on lines to check in and out, or to be seated at the hotel restaurant.

3) The Extra Perks

When booking a villa, villa managers and brokers like Laura Blair are there to ensure you have all of the services and amenities you may want. Whether it is on-site nannies, yoga lessons, hot air balloon rides, helicopter transport, or cooking classes travelers are seeking- all can be arranged quickly and easily.


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