Voluntourism Cambodia

Project Abroad's Cambodia Beach Clean-Up

Conservation and Environment Volunteering in Cambodia

This week we wanted to highlight one of our favorite Voluntourism companies, Projects Abroad.  Pioneering conservation and research activities are at the forefront of protecting and researching diverse marine environments and Project Abroad doesn’t just stop at the well known diving locales, but also at the smaller lesser known beaches… like those in Cambodia.

Located on the tropical Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia has pristine uninhabited islands and over 200 miles of coastline. Their project is the first of its kind in Cambodia and supplies the Cambodian Fisheries administration with much needed data to help in their marine conservation efforts. The Conservation Project base is situated on the stunning island of Koh Rong Samleom, a two hour boat ride from the lively coastal town of Sihanoukville. The island, home to a small fishing village, stunning beaches and a lush jungle, is just one among several Project Abroad options that provide a feel good bonding experience that actually leaves something valuable behind… a cleaner coastline… and data.

A walk on Cambodia's (cleaner) beach...

Diving & Marine Project

Volunteers are also involved in a wide range of current projects including:

  • Diving-related conservation work that focuses on both marine surveys and salvage diving. The investigative survey projects include seahorse surveys including video and photographic behavioral and ID studies, coral & fish biodiversity surveys, and habitat & mapping surveys.
  • Community Projects that operate in full cooperation with the local village on the island. Volunteers get involved in important community work which includes environmental awareness activities with local children such as beach clean-ups and education classes.
  • Beach Clean-ups, which are regularly carried out, often with the help of the local community.
  • Fisheries Projects, where volunteers are involved with fishing surveys and catch-monitoring with the local M’Pai Bei fishing community.

Prices for the Diving & Marine Conservation: 2 weeks – $2,895; 1 month – $3,495; 2 months – $4,495; 3 months – $5,545; Extra month – $1,445

Email: info@projects-abroad.org

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