The Land of Milk and Honey… and Hummus

Israeli Vineyards

This just in… some super cool packaged tours throughout… you guessed it… The Holy Land. And the holy land to me means… the land of milk and honey and wine, and hummus and hotties!
Plus, no one really thinks about it, but, the Israelis were some of the first successful communists in the good sense of the word… communal. Rocking the kibbutznik farm style, these guys managed to share and deliver duties in an eco-friendly way better than any of their predecessors in Russia or, let’s just say, Cuba. The Israelis not only developed a system of drop irrigation that is now one of the best watering solutions in the world to save water, but, as you can imagine, they also have some pretty old grape vines. So, see the deals on Israel travel and go get yourself some holistic harmony… with a side of the best hummus you’ll have in your life.
  • Israel by Kibbutz
Delve into this soul moving country while staying at a collection of traditional Israeli kibbutz.  Partake in the communal lifestyle of the Kibbutznik people firsthand as you tour this holy land.  This one is called ‘a transformative travel experience’. We believe it. We’ve been to kibbutzim and they’re a pretty cool thing.—-
  • Active Israel Adventure
An active alfresco adventure, you’ll get off the tour bus and cruise, scuba dive, horseback ride, bike, climb and rappel to behold all of Israel’s spellbinding sites fused together with jeep safaris, camel rides, archaeological digs, golden beaches, hot springs and more.
  • Vineyards and Visions
Stimulate your soul and taste buds with this delectable culinary journey showcasing Israeli wine and cuisine.  Taste your way through a mosaic of vineyards and celebrated restaurants, take cooking lessons and stop at all the age-old sites along the way. Bon appetit, we say!

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