Learn to Raft from a Québécois

Rafting Quebec!

We recently had lunch at the Harvard Club with Destination Quebec and we have one thing to say: Incredible. Since most of our readers hail from the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia, we tend to forget (sorry, Canadians) about… Canada. And, might we acknowledge now… bad idea. Canada – particularly the Quebec region – is some of the most stunning landscape in the world with some of the most incredible ecotourism offerings.

Talk about a hidden gem. With villages all along the coast of Québec that only speak French, to a multi-faceted geography and diverse landscapes, vegetation and climate, four very distinct seasons put their stamp on this vast territory. Quebec is also Canada’s largest province. After 12,000 years of Native American habitation, Jacques Cartier took possession of this land on behalf of the King of France, beginning an era of colonization that would endure until the advent of the industrial age and the challenges of the modern world. Three times the size of France, 40 times the size of Switzerland and 50 times the size of Belgium, its territory extends nearly 2,000 km (1,242 mi.) from the U.S. border to the Arctic Ocean. So, we say… check this stunning terrain out or you’ll really be missing out.

From dog sledding and ice fishing to white water rafting, adventure courses abound and you won’t regret it. 

Bruno Vanasse - Found of ABV Kayak

Start here, in Grenville Sur La Rouge outside of Montreal: ABV KAYAK is a white water kayaking schoolkayak rental center, and an rafting adventure expedition outfitter providing high quality instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced kayakers using certified instructors at affordable prices.  Maintaining a low instructor to student ratio to ensure each student receives the amount of personal attention they need to improve their skills, they’ve grown into the premiere white water kayaking school in Quebec accredited by the Fédération québécoise de Canoé-Kayak d’eau vive and affiliated with the Société de Sauvetage.

Why we like ’em?

They specialize in white water rafting expeditions for adventure travelers (duh). Plus, with over 40 years combined experience their expedition leaders will take you on some of the most scenic and virtually untouched rivers in Quebec including the Magpie river – rated 6th best in the world by iExplore.com – The Broadback river, and the Moisie. There aren’t a ton of hotels in the area, but you can find a few quaint places to stay, like Hotel Lac Carling, or follow this link and rent a little Scandinavian style cottage!

To learn more, visit ABV Kayak’s Rafting Expeditions page and tell them Eco-Adventurer.com sent you (just try not to make us jealous when you send us all your adventurous vacations pics).

Adventure Courses – Quebec 


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