Top Pick for Natural Skincare: Jason’s C-Effects Super C Toner

Jason's C-Effects Super C Toner

I live in New York City and, as much as I love the place, it’s not always the best for my skin. Either too hot or too cold, let’s just say… you have to take extra care of your skin (and your mind) in these elements. The daily sun and environmental exposure is, in one word, tough. Even a few minutes in the sun or pollution can lead to free radical damage, or oxidation of the skin.  Day after day, your skin faces a free radical attack that damages the skin’s DNA structure and accelerates the aging process, resulting in unwanted fine lines, wrinkles and an uneven skin tone.

No, thank you.

Well, since we also love to take a natural approach to aging, we’ve always liked JASON products and this line right here is one of the best on the market. Plus, it smells delicious and feels like a refreshing mist of spring – like a mandarin orange freshly squeezed right on that pretty little mug of yours. The newly renovated JĀSÖN™ C-Effects™ line delivers an arsenal of formulas to fight free radical attack with its exclusive Multi-Antioxidant Complex, powered by Ester-C®, the most stable, naturally derived and deeply penetrating form of natural Vitamin C.

The complex also features a well-rounded, potent blend of free radical-fighting ingredients, including Vitamin E to naturally moisturize, naturally derived Green Tea to shield skin from environmental stressors and Thioctic Acid, an essential nutrient that helps to create a healthy, even skin tone.  I’ve been using the C-Effects skin toner and combo moisturizer/sunscreen and loving them both. With continued use, the C-Effects Crème is also clinically tested to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin clarity in 4 weeks for more radiant and younger-looking skin.

We’ve been using this line for about 4 weeks and can certainly concur.  Jason’s C-Effects™ line is a must.



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  1. I’ve been using the Jason Ester C line for 6 years and it really helped brighten my complexion… I’m kinda bummed that they changed the formula coz the previous one has been working perfectly for me. 😦

    Still can’t get over it.


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