Rainforest Adventures

Costa Rica Zip Lining

I was made for the jungle and the jungle, baby, the jungle… she was made for me. Her symphonic sounds, her riotous curves, her mountainous valleys. Plus, I’m about the only person I know who actually likes it when it’s hot and humid. My skin is clearer, my hair is bouncier, and my body begins to blossom like the frisky little bud that it is.

So, any chance I can get to frolic in the jungle (or the sea near the rain forest), you can pretty much count me in… which is why I like Rain Forest Adventures, a collection of five eco-adventure parks located in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominica and St. Lucia. So why not discover the persona of each park?

Costa Rica Atlantic is a misty jungle nucleus with rugged trails for an off-the-map adventure. Costa Rica Pacific sits on a sunny mountain with views of the Pacific Ocean from the Aerial Tram. Dominica, located on the Nature Island, features a daunting suspension bridge over the 300-foor drop Breakfast River Gorge.

Jamaica found inspiration from the original Jamaican Bobsled team and features a Rainforest Bobsled ride. St. Lucia is the ultimate family escape and thrills with the Adrenaline zip line course. All work well with my philosophy, my physique (and my pelo). Each destination combines adventure with enlightenment, simultaneously showcasing and protecting the rainforest and its precious eco-system. Experience the rainforest canopy from a bird’s eye view on the parks’ signature Aerial Tram (which are handicap accessible). Gondolas ride high into the jungle, led by a naturalist guide who illustrates flora, fauna and bird life. Zip line courses are thrilling for the adventure set (like moi). Hiking trails and bird watching, butterfly, frog and snake gardens… all available for that curious jungle seeker in you. The parks were built on a principle of sustainability, integrated into every aspect from construction, including daily water recycling so we give them a big thumb’s up and a little shake of our tail.  Price point for Aerial Tram: $46-$64 Adult ($27.50 – $64)



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