Responsible Tourism, Media, and… Humanitarian Aid

We just love a symbiotic relationship. PB & J, BLT’s, Mac ‘n Cheese. Things that go well together just make life so much better, don’t you think? To that end, The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel publisher, today announced the launch of a partnership that will provide vital information to responders in humanitarian emergencies. A bit about the OCHA: The OCHA mobilizes and coordinates emergency humanitarian efforts around the globe, deploying the first international responders on the ground so staff from a variety of UN agencies and government and non-governmental organizations can provide humanitarian aid.

Usually deploying within 24 hours of a disaster, now they will be able to readily use Lonely Planet’s up-to-the-minute information to better help them familiarize themselves with the country’s geography and infrastructure, learn more about the country’s history and cultural background, and get essential basic information they should know before traveling.

“Lonely Planet’s expert content makes it easier for humanitarian workers to hit the ground running in unfamiliar environments,” said Gwi-Yeop Son, Director of Corporate Programmes at OCHA. “We value Lonely Planet’s commitment to provide accurate and up-to-the-minute information for our teams on the ground.”

The partnership has also started in time to coincide with the celebration of the UN’s World Tourism Day on September 27th, 2011. World Tourism Day, for those not aware, intends to foster awareness of the role of tourism within the international community and demonstrates how responsible tourism positively affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide. Right up our alley. For more information about the UNOCHA or Lonely Planet, see below:


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  1. I think the experience and information provided by Lonely Planet can go a long way to solve humanitarian crisis around the world- Excellent Idea


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