Here’s a Crazy Little Island For You

Zavicon Island, Ontario, Canada (house) and Little Zavicon Island (garden)

We had to post this photo because we thought these little islands were just too damn cute. Zavikon Island and Little Zavikon Island, refers to the pair of islands in the Thousand Islands archipelago on the St. Lawrence River between New York and Ontario, two kilometres southeast of Rockport, Ontario and about 200 meters north of the international boundary. It used to be owned by Woolrich Woolen Mills, Woolrich, Pa., and it’s said that each summer the office employees of Woolrich Woolen Mills were invited to take their vacations there.

The cluster of islands, which number 1,793 in all, range in size from over 40 square miles to smaller islands occupied by a single residence (like the one above), to even smaller uninhabited outcroppings of rocks that are home to migratory waterfowl. Uncle Sam’s Boat Tours explain that this house contains a bridge that is the shortest international bridge in the world. The legend (although some say it’s more of an old wives tale) is that, at one point, the man living in the house constructed a customs booth in the middle of the bridge and would go to the American side when he got angry with his wife, instructing the customs official to forbid his wife from crossing.

We’re not sure we believe that, but it’s pretty funny, nonetheless!

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