The World’s Best Street Food

Street Food... nom nom nom!!

Alas… Lonely Planet reveals The World’s Best Street Food in a  new book which shows readers where to find, and how to make, some of the world’s most authentic dishes. Yippeee! The World’s Best Street Food explores 100 of the world’s must-eat dishes from markets, hawkers, and bazaars across the globe. Each street food delicacy has two dedicated pages detailing the history and culture behind the food, where to find the best examples when you’re on the road, and an easy-to-follow recipe to make the dish yourself. Accompanied by Lonely Planet’s expert destination knowledge and stunning photography, The World’s Best Street Food also includes a foreword by internationally renowned food writer and personality Tom Parker-Bowles, a glossary of exotic ingredients with easy-to-find alternatives, and Lonely Planet authors’ secrets to discovering the best examples of street food while traveling… including how much to pay, where the best stalls are, how to order, and what to avoid.

Recipes include:

•  India’s Masala Dosa

•  Vietnam’s Bún Cha

•  Israel’s Sabih

•  Brazil’s Acarajé

•  Hungary’s Chimney Cake

“I travel to eat, preferably on the street,” says Parker-Bowles. “Because this is where you’ll find the real soul of a cuisine, somewhere among the taco carts and noodle stalls and baskets of herbs…some of the finest things to ever have passed my lips have been eaten standing up, or sitting at the most rickety of roadside tables, surrounded by diesel fumes, cigarette smoke and noise.”

Gastronomic bliss awaits.


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