The Latest Resource for Eco-Friendly Hotels

Six Senses - Maldives

Six Senses - Maldives

We had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Kiwi Collection several years in Los Angeles when we were working with Los Angeles Confidential Magazine. He was a lovely gentleman and we enjoyed watching what he was doing with luxury property curation unfold. Kiwi Collection is, for those who may not know, the world’s largest collection of curated luxury hotels. Something like a combination between Design Hotels, Leading Hotels of the World, and Tablet Hotels, with a contemporary chic/discerning POV. So, when we heard that they had just unveiled their list of the world’s most eco-friendly luxury hotels and resorts, we were thrilled. The world needed that. They’re focusing on highlighting the best of eco-friendly hotels; luxury properties from around the globe which demonstrate outstanding commitment to sustainable operations, conservation and preservation, both on-site and in their communities. That’s what we’re talkin’ about!

Cavallo Point Logdge - SF

Cavallo Point Lodge - SF

Together with the help of eco-expert, author and award-winning architect, Hitesh Mehta, Kiwi Collection has handpicked hotels and resorts that are forerunners in the eco-luxury sector worldwide. Although the selection currently only features 20 properties, they hope to see the list expand as hoteliers respond to the demand by travellers for environmentally friendly and sustainable travel worldwide. The selection is the result of extensive research undertaken to identify those properties showing the most innovation in important areas such as alternative energy sources, including extracting biodiesel from coconuts and utilising hot water from natural springs, re-forestation and plantation programmes, reverse-osmosis irrigation systems, marine ecology, and sustainable initiatives to bolster local communities.  

Check it out, but below is the complete list of Kiwi Collection’s Eco Friendly hotels, alphabetized by region:



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