It’s All About Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan, Baby!

Baku, Azerbaijan, Baby!

Have you seen the new commercials? Are you noticing subtle mentions here and there? Yes, there’s a buzz about Baku in the air as Azerbaijan utilizes some development funds and investment to spark their tourism industry alive. We say ‘Cool!’ Awhile back it was Croatia and Cololmbia, Montenegro soon started to make people mutter, now we have the Four Seasons in Baku, Azerbaijan opening it’s doors shortly to offer luxurious accommodations, with almost all opening to a balcony with views of the Caspian Sea or the Old City. Find relaxation in the penthouse spa or swim within a glass-roofed atrium. We really don’t care so long as you do the unexpected and go somewhere interesting like… Azerbaijan.

Four Seasons, Baku

Four Seasons Baku

The world is a miraculous place and it’s a lot safer than you think, especially, if you have your wits about you. Azerbaijan is no different. Baku – and the country itself – is a young country with the average male about 27 years old and average female around 30 years old. It’s predominately Muslim, but actual practicing Muslims are much fewer. In fact, Azerbaijan is a secular unitary republic, known for being one of the most liberal Muslim majority countries.  After gaining its independence, Azerbaijan has reached a high level of development, standard of living, and literacy as well as a low rate of unemployment and intentional homicide compared to other Eastern European countries. And guess what – not only is it beautiful, but about 98% of the population can read or write so you know that’s a positive sign. On the coast south of Russia, over half of Azerbaijan’s land mass consists of mountain ridges, crests, yailas, and plateaus which rise up to levels of 400–1000 meters. The first reports on the richness and diversity of animal life in Azerbaijan can be found in travel notes of Eastern travelers.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m curious and must get my hiney over there! Oh, and in case you want tips on some places to eat in Baku, Virtual Tourist travelers have a few in mind too.


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