Toxin-Free Shampoo and Conditioner: Sebamed


Most of us don’t think twice when we shampoo and shower our bodies in an attempt to get clean. In fact, we’re not even aware that the majority of the time we’re actually bathing in toxic chemicals. Check this list out and you’ll see just how many toxic chemicals you’re putting onto your precious body: List of Toxic Chemicals Found in Beauty Products.

So, in an effort to stay pure when we travel, we like to find botanically-based products. One such product, Sebamed, gently washed our hair and scalp with a mild formula that helps preserve the scalp’s natural oils, cutting down the irritation that can come from the use of soap-based shampoos.  Maintaining a 5.5 pH, Sebamed Everyday Shampoo treats normal, sensitive and problematic scalp conditions. Formulated with a new generation surfactant blend to protect the hair and scalp from dryness, the shampoo’s moisture retaining properties penetrate the structure of the hair shaft, adding volume and shine.

Let’s face it, a healthy scalp helps promote healthier looking hair. Sebamed Repair Conditioner combines science and nature to help feel soft and smooth. Active plant extracts penetrate the hair shaft restoring its structure and elasticity, while natural moisturizers and silk protein boost volume and shine.  Additionally, the pH value of 5.5 in all Sebamed hair care products helps to provide protection against dehydration and frizz. Critical for my curly mop.

Suitable for all hair types, Sebamed Everyday Shampoo and Sebamed Hair Repair Conditioner are 100 percent soap and paraben-free, and biodegradable.

Sebamed® Everyday Shampoo – 6.8 oz. SRP – $12.99

Sebamed® Repair Conditioner – 6.8 oz. SRP – $12.99

Available at Costco, CVS and online at and

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