A Design Star’s Eco Tips

David Bromstad

This week, adorable design guru, David Bromstad, the original winner of HGTV Design Star, tells us some of his eco-adventure tips.  Now host and designer on his first hit series for HGTV, Color Splash, he’s completed more than 100 makeovers for Color Splash around the country including San Francisco, New York and Miami. David has also appeared on HGTV programs including HGTV’d, HGTV Showdown, and Bang for Your Buck. His infectious blend of energy, creativity, and dedication to each project distinguish him as a truly unique artist, design personality, and television host so we’re thrilled he’s here to share his insight.

1. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

Mykonos, Greece. I go nearly every Summer with a big, wonderful group of people.  Mykonos is such an amazingly beautiful place! The people are wonderful, the food is unbelievable and it’s very gay friendly. My favorite place to stay is Hotel Hermes and I absolutely love Elia Beach. For more tips, you can also check out this website: http://www.mykonos-web.com/

2. Are there any natural wonders of the world you’ve visited or places on your bucket list?

The Grand Canyon is the US’s own natural wonder of the world, and it is spectacular! Pictures don’t nearly do it justice. The vastness of the Canyon, and the sheer scale of nature is something everyone should see for themselves.  I would really love to see the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro; plus the Great Barrier Reef and Mount Everest definitely have a place on my bucket list.

3. Any eco-travel tips for our readers?

As much as I love the convenience of little travel toiletries, that is one way you can be more eco friendly. Using re-usable bottles is a great way to bring the products you love while still being eco conscious. Also you can now research your Carbon Footprint or “offset” your Carbon Footprint with tips from sites like this: http://www.carbonneutralcalculator.com/flightcalculator.aspx

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

4. When – and why  – did you become passionate about up cycling?

Upcycling is the next step up from Recycling. It’s taking old, unusable products and making them into something wonderful! I have always been passionate about finding design in unusual places and using thing in interesting new ways… Recycling and being environmentally conscious is something that is so so important. And creating something beautiful is one of my all time favorite things to do.

We agree, David, which is why we love sites like Etsy.com and Ebay.com. Why buy new when you can get the same thing for less and save a little of the planet while you’re at it?


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