Eco-Adventure in Costa Rica

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Anyone looking for adventure in Costa Rica? One of our contacts recently told us about Endgame Adventures, founded in 2008. Featuring four programs and a full-season summer expedition based on health and wellness, academics, surf and performance fitness. Camp programs offer natural excusions and personal growth to restore mind, body and soul. Think: mountain hiking, waterfall tours, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, boogieboarding, canopy tours, boxing, yoga and even Capoeira. All adventures include healthy meal plans, full access to beachfront surfspots, 24-hour chaperones and hosts, local guides, wellness training, Spanish immersion, two 60-minute daily sessions of essay writing, revisions and editing, photographic opportunities, and exploring indigenous communities. Each adventure camp is held in one, two, three and four-week intervals and feature a plethora of activities coupled with new experiences of raw nature.

A group of young adventurers chillin' after dinner

A group of young adventurers chillin’ after dinner

Surf and service adventure camps allow individuals to partake in Costa Rica’s natural surf and assisting primary school students.  From providing 21 hours per week of service in a Costa Rican Sea Turtle hatchery to servicing students to become more responsible, define future goals and build self-confidence, individuals are exposed to the synergy of service and the connection to the environment. Held in singular or group formats, guests can select from four programs: health and wellness, academic, service and surf or performance fitness.

We worked for a similar program after college graduation and have to say…  it was life changing. So why not monkey around too?

Programs range from $2,500 for one week to $10,000 for the entire summer. 


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