Holiday Must Have: Recycled Jewelry from Africa

Amleset of Ethiopia making jewelry for Raven & Lily

Amleset of Ethiopia making jewelry for Raven & Lily

Happy Holidays! We know it’s December 25th so it’s a little late to have something on our wishlist, but this lovely necklace features layers of delicate, beaded strands, cinched to the side with an antique-inspired silver tube. Designed in partnership with Tiffany Kunz, these gold and silver strands will add elegance to any outfit.

The best part?

Raven & Lily Necklace

Antique Tube Collection – Raven & Lily Necklace

The necklace is handmade from melted bullet casings and recycled metals (brass, silver, copper) by HIV-positive women in Ethiopia. In addition to providing sustainable economic opportunities, Raven + Lily returns proceeds to fund healthcare and literacy programs for women and children in this community. For example, Amleset, one of the designers, and her husband were able to move off Entoto Mountain and into the city in early 2011, thankful to be back in the city and not feel ashamed or discriminated against because of their disease. The purchase from the Entoto jewelry collection has brought them a better life that would have otherwise been impossible.

So we think these gifts are great for a belated Christmas gift or for the New Year!

Recycled Jewelry 

Tiffany Kunz: Antique Tube Collection Necklace

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