My New Favorite: Living Proof Hair Products

Best curly hair

Why don’t my curls look like this? Wait, they do!

I’m not going to BS you. I am constantly – repeat – constantly – looking for great hair products that don’t cost and arm and a leg, aren’t sticky, and don’t leave me with winter frizz. Since I travel a lot, beauty plays a decent size role in traveling light without looking like death warmed over.

Enter my latest find: Living Proof.

Living Proof No Frizz Hair Care Line

Living Proof No Frizz Hair Care Line

Living Proof was created with a simple ambition – challenge conventional wisdom to solve your toughest beauty problems. They invent and patent new molecules that completely change how hair behaves and say that they ‘stop at nothing short of products that keep their promise’. We like that kind of commitment and love their No Frizz line for curly hair like our own. Here’s why you can believe ’em: Dr. Bob Langer is an MIT Institute Professor and world-renowned biotech inventor, and he teamed up with Jon Flint and Dr. Amir Nashat, partners in the international venture capital firm Polaris Venture Partners to take a look at the beauty industry and what was actually in beauty products.

They discovered that, for both hair and skin products, the beauty industry has relied on the same off the shelf ingredients, most of them far too ineffective to make any real, long lasting impact. This inspired the founders to create new technologies that would offer women “proof in a bottle,” rather than “hope in a bottle.” So, they assembled a team of scientists from outside the beauty category-scientists from pharma, biotech and medicine – who didn’t have any preconceived notions of what could or couldn’t be possible in beauty. And so, beauty meet brilliant science because now Living Proof is born!

Retails: $10-$36


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