Tribewanted, Adventure Needed? Look No Further, My Fine Friends


Who doesn’t want to be a part of a tribe?

Welcome back, cronies! Yes, we’ve been off the grid for a few weeks jaunting around Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Maui, but we’re heading back to home base and feeling better than ever. We also had a morsel of eco-travel awesomeness to share with our loyal adventurers.

Having already built a successful eco-tourism project on a beautiful and barely inhabited Fijian island and then created another sustainable project alongside a Sierra Leone beach community, say hello to Tribewanted because now they’ll be opening a new project, Monestevole, in the Italian region of Umbria.

Monestevole was originally built in the 15th century as a watch-tower for the nearby Monestevole castle. The 38 hectare hamlet was bought in 1997 by Alessio Giottoli and Valeria Cancian as a ruin, but was then restored over the next three years.

Now, travellers are being invited to join the community either as visiting tourists or as “tribe-members,” as they participate in turning a 15th century hamlet into a sustainable community. The project is open to everyone, and for those who prefer a more relaxing holiday, they can enjoy activities such as horseback riding and walks through the stunning surroundings, as well as the unique Umbrian food and music.

The family-friendly project, which opens in a few short weeks on March 21st, will welcome Tribewanted members and non-members.

So, want to be a Tribe Member?

Check out:, members become part owners of Tribewanted and will have the chance to directly impact the direction the organization takes by taking part in online votes on future locations and will receive 20% discounted accommodation rates.

Ahhh... Umbria

Ahhh… Umbria

From €60 ($77) a night or $457 a week for the bunk room, to between $127 a night and $762 a week for an apartment for non-members, including all meals and house wine.


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