Luxury Private Train Trans-Siberian Journeys On Sale

This is a luxury private car on the Trans-Siberian Railway... This is how it's done, fellas

This is a luxury private train on the Trans-Siberian Railway… This is how it’s done, fellas

We’re a little bit wild about the idea of taking the Trans-Siberian Rail, have we told you? It’s on our bucket list, along with 5 star sushi in Tokyo and shaking our booty in Brazil. So hear ye, hear ye! MIR Corporation is offering 2013 pricing for early birds targeting 2014 travel on select Eastbound Trans-Siberian Rail Journeys and Silk Road by Private Train departures aboard the Golden Eagle.  Savings range from $1,000 per couple in Gold Class up to $7,800 per couple in an Imperial Suite, with higher per person savings available for singles.  Take note: the tours must be booked before March 31, 2013 so get on it, guys.

Hungry for an adventure yet?

Hungry for a luxury adventure yet?

Early birds who book the following 2014 tours by March 31, 2013 will enjoy this substantial discount. Private Train tours are in a class of their own, offering the opportunity to experience remote destinations in unparalleled style. These all-inclusive tours feature specialty train cars that were not available to the public until recently. That’s right, you’ve probably heard it here first… ’cause we’re connected like that (and, um, yeah… we’re really modest too).


Choo choo wanna see Mongolia?

Trans-Siberian Classic Route

From Moscow to Vladivostok

Trans-Siberian Mongolian Route

From Moscow to UlaanBaatar with the Naadam Festival

The Silk Road by Private Train

From Moscow to Beijing via Central Asia

The Silk Road by Private Train: Russia and Central Asia

From Moscow to Almaty via Central Asia


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