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Eco-Tourism at Brazil’s Secretly Stunning Beaches

Brazil Best Beaches - Fernando-de-Noronha-Brazil-1

Brazil’s Secret Stunning Beach and Wildlife – Fernando de Noronha

Noronha, Brazil

We recently heard about this little piece of relatively unknown heaven by Adriana Schmidt Raub, an accomplished eco-tourism hospitality professional (and Sao Paolo native) who founded Your Way, an ecotourism agency, in 2001 for the independent foreign traveler interested in discovering this little secret island in the northeast of Brazil.

Why Noronha, you ask?

Filet of Dorado at Mergulahao, Noronha's #1 Restaurant TripAdvisor

Filet of Dorado at Mergulahao, Noronha’s #1 Restaurant TripAdvisor

“Well, I noticed that international travelers would come and leave the island without fully discovering what Noronha truly had to offer simply because of the language barrier!” she smiles. So, armed with a passion for her Brazilian beauty – and a Hospitality Degree from Cornell – she ambitiously decided to move there and be the bridge between independent foreign travelers and the local tourism community of Noronha.

Leao Beach

Leao Beach

Over the last 10 years, Your Way has become the essential link between foreign visitors to Fernando de Noronha and the island’s local community and are 100% unbiased as they’re not directly associated with any business in town. They periodically visit and pick what’s best within each traveler’s budget. Because of their good relationship with local suppliers, oftentimes, they’re also able to offer last-minute updated tips and even better rates than what’s available. To get there, you take a flight to Recife and then from there a short flight to Noronha which costs about $550 RT. Rooms can range from $70 on the lowest end (which is modest yet clean) to $500 on the highest end (so quite a range).

Budget Accomodations @ $75-$100/night

Budget Accomodations @ $75-$100/night

Noronha’s world-class SCUBA diving originally drew Adriana to its shores as a regular tourist, but by the end of each dive vacation, she found herself spending more and more time helping foreign visitors navigate Noronha’s distinctive environment than actually diving. “There were a few local companies working with regular packaged tours back then but I was never a fan of packages as I felt they would include unnecessary items just to make it seem like clients were getting a good deal. I always preferred to pick and chose according to my own preferences, like having my own menu of options and starting from there… After my visit, I decided to move to Noronha and properly assist future travelers with the planning process of their trips to this unique island,” Schmidt reveals.

When looking for hotels and such, I definitely was definitely hard pressed to find websites and contact info for quaint rentals or B&B’s and she really does know a range of properties that often don’t have websites and range from: Budget and moderate to higher end pension-type accommodations. If you’re looking for something distinctly Brazilian and a shockingly undiscovered piece of awesomeness, this sweet island is worth your Reais.

Adriana Schmidt - Founder of Your Way Brazil

Adriana Schmidt – Founder of Your Way Brazil

Adriana Schmidt
Cell  Sao Paulo (Adriana): 55-11-6357 6677
Cell Noronha: 55-81-9949 1087

The Amazon and Bahia, Baby!

On the Amazonian Basin with Blue Parallel

Blue Parallel… when I first saw this in my inbox I thought it was some sort of vacation drink or scientific standard, but alas… it’s actually an exotic tour company. Following in its mission to take time-constrained (and discerning) travelers to the most spectacular natural and cultural wonders of Latin America, here’s the news we dig. Blue Parallel has expanded offerings in Brazil and the Amazon Basin with new extraordinary experiences custom designed (as with all Blue Parallel journeys) to suit individual interests and needs.

Bahia, Brazil

In case you’ve never been… Bahia, Brazil, a big favorite of our staff, is an enchanting coast of lush vegetation, miles of virgin beaches and picturesque colonial architecture where European and African heritage have come together to form an exceptional way of life unique to the people of Bahia. Well now, with Blue Parallel, travelers can stay in a historic convent converted to luxury hotel in the colonial city of Salvador de Bahia (also known as the “capital of happiness”) then travel on by private helicopter (hollah!) to the hidden gem of Corumbau and the luxurious paradise of Trancoso frequented for decades by Brazil’s most elite (and more recently by Hollywood stars and other notable figures). Spectacular deserted beaches and estuaries of southern Bahia have offshore reefs creating uniquely calm and warm natural pools ideal for snorkeling at low tide; other VIP offerings might include private drumming classes with renowned local musicians, private Capoeira lessons on the beach, private boating excursions and countless other extremely exclusive services and accommodations. Additional details and sample itinerary can be seen here:  Brazil’s Best Tours

Pricing is $8,500-$10,000 per passenger for 7 days, private party of 2.

Bahia with Blue Parallel

The Amazon Basin is another fabu excursion for Eco-Adventurer’s desiring an eco-tour and luxurious accommodations. A year-round destination that is one of the world’s greatest natural resources, the Amazon stretches across nine, that’s right, nine countries in South America with a great majority located in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Filled with unparalleled diversity and home to half of the world’s remaining rainforest, the Amazon region is the most bio-diverse on earth and provides a spectacular setting for those who wish to combine the love of nature with exploration and adventure. Blue Parallel’s Amazon journeys include comfortable eco-lodges in the heart of the rainforest, private hydroplane transfers, personal hosts around the clock and expert naturalist guides.

Check out more information here: The Amazon’s Best Eco-Tours

Pricing is $6,000-$8,000 per passenger for 7 days, private party of 2.

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