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Maine: Inn by the Sea

Sarah Breidenbach, Jaunt Magazine

Sarah Breidenbach, Jaunt Magazine

Sarah Breidenbach, one of Eco-Adventurer’s favorite Contributors, currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan. Bringing a well-trained eye to our valued team, as an artist, filmmaker, writer, and social activist, she has lived and worked in Zimbabwe, Mexico, Portland, and Arizona, and has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Today, she brings us news of an eco-spa in the Northeast, so we’re keen to hear about it. Next up… sexy retreats (and the bizarre spa beat) of Asia.

It’s always been nature’s expansive places, the endless skyscapes and bodies of water, which calm even the deepest reservoirs of stress within me.

The Inn by the Sea, Maine

From large canyon views to the slopes of massive gorges, that which gives perspective to your size seems to quiet the mind.  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard of an eco-spa that could do just that without having to trek all over the map.

At Inn by the Sea, located on Crescent Beach in the coastal town of Cape Elizabeth, you can disappear into the ocean itself while surrounded by 4 walls.  To match these four walls are four signature spa treatments inspired by the deep blue sea.   Each treatment was masterfully created so that you can disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself in a complete coastal experience.

I plan to book the first flight to marine bliss tomorrow, the only problem is how many choices there are.  Maybe I’ll begin with the Sea Waves Massage, other wise known as 90 minutes of a mermaid’s dream come true.  Custom blended oils infused with therapeutic scents are rubbed into your body via hand strokes skillfully synchronized to an ocean soundtrack.  Meanwhile the ocean floor, or massage table, gently vibrates beneath you as the mundane world slips away all together.  These good folks are not afraid to access technology for optimal relaxation navigation.

Inn by the Sea: Eco-Spa

But how could I pass up the 90 minute Deep Sea Soother that begins with a full body dry brush and must leave your whole body feeling as good as bare feet sunk into soft, exfoliating, warm sand?  This is followed by a full body massage after which you’re wrapped in a warm aromatherapy cocoon.  You can even experience this one lying next to your lover or without ever leaving your room.  Both options have “return to the womb” written all over them, but I still can’t decide.  Lucky for me, they’ve created the Sea-Sational Combo which combines a 45 minute body scrub and one hour massage so I don’t have to miss anything.

This amazing hotel and luxury eco-spa is just minutes from Portland and has been selected as one of Tripadvisor’s Top Ten Green Hotels worldwide and Top 100 Hotels in US & Canada by Travel & Leisure.  We at Eco-Adventurer are grateful that deep sea diving just got a lot more convenient and includes a plush white bathrobe.

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