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Volunteers Rebuild Nepal, Brick by Brick

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One year has passed since the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in April last year. While Nepal is doing everything it can to recover and rebuild, the country is still in need of significant aid and resources.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Projects Abroad initiated a Disaster Relief Project to assist with the recovery process. Since the project began in June 2015, hundreds of Projects Abroad volunteers have made incredible progress in helping with the organization’s goal of restoring a safe learning environment for children in the Kathmandu Valley. Currently volunteers’ efforts are focused on reconstructing Yashaswi Gurukul English Secondary School, the sixth Disaster Relief site to date. Their help has been invaluable.

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When the work at Yashaswi Gurukul is completed, the new building will also serve another purpose. As aftershocks continue even nine months later, and the fear of another large-scale quake remains, the school building will be able to serve as a safe gathering space for the local community, in case of further disaster. Projects Abroad staff estimate that work at this site will conclude in the next month or so, and then volunteers will move on to the next site where they are desperately needed.

Projects Abroad has made a commitment, not only through Disaster Relief but also through Teaching and Care Projects, to restore stability to the education of young students. In working with dedicated local experts and volunteers, the organization is striving to get Nepalese communities back on their feet, brick by brick!

For more information on how to get involved yourself with Disaster Relief work in Nepal, have a look here:


Nepal: Because The Himalayas Feel Good

Two words for your next foray into… feeling good.

Volunteer. Nepal.

Several programs today reflect a growing trend among exotic travel junkies. The volunteer experience. Forget trekking for yourself, it’s time you trek for your fellow man. Or in this case, a beautiful Nepalese family, an orphaned child, or a village of farmers. You need them and they need you (and your soon-to-be-semi-expert guidance on health or the English language). You could certainly learn a thing or two about nature, living with less, and the human experience, right?

Nepal, with it’s ever-reaching Himalayan mountains, is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Through Volunteer Nepal, volunteers in schools and orphanages in Nepal offer short stays and 2-5month programs that cover all food, accommodation, orientation courses, lessons in Nepali, tours, lectures, and social events. As they say, with little contact with the outside world, you, the volunteer teacher, will form an intimate relationship with the students and their culture, while you also learn what it’s like to be freed from your Western attachments.

In addition to volunteering at an orphanage, you can study/volunteer in the following areas:
Environment & Community Education
Language and Culture

You can even teach in a monastery!

Program fees for schools/orphanages placement are as follows:

1-2 weeks US$ 300
3-4 weeks US$ 400-$500
For each additional month US$ 200

Another feel good program, Volunteer Society Nepal, offers stays from 1 week-5 months and fees that range from $300-$1150, depending on the program and length of stay. You can choose different areas that interest you like:

The Environment
Women’s Issues

Want a few more options to make sure the program, and the group, is right for you? See below and fulfill what your heart and soul is really craving.

The Global Volunteer Network

Transitions Abroad

So, really… next time you want to galavant around the globe and make out with every Tomas, Ricardo, and Horacio, remember to make out with the greatest lover of all…


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